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RoyalFashion new’s Privacy Commitment

RoyalFashionNews values your trust in its services and is committed to maintaining that trust and respecting your privacy. RoyalFashionNews ensures that information is gathered for purposes related to FashionUnited services and will only be used by RoyalFashionNews and will not be sold to third parties. When you contact a third party within the FashionUnited network, this will be stated clearly before you send information. You may, at any time, contact RoyalFashionNews to update, modify, view, correct or remove your personal information from the database.

At royalfashionnews.com, we will use your data to carry out some of the following activities:

  • Managing the sending of the newsletter.
  • Providing Users with ads, information, offers and/or promotions of the Entity or any third parties.
  • Fulfilling User requests for products and services.
  • Customizing ads and content.
  • Improving our products, services, and content, and conducting research in order to do so.

Our promise
Since RoyalFashionNew’s start, we have been committed to our users’ privacy and have acted in the GDPR mindset since the beginning, even though it did not exist back then. We are continuously updating the platform and its policies to make it easier for you to understand why and how we process the information you share with us. Through these changes, we strive to demonstrate RoyalFashionNew’s work maintaining the trust of our users and customers place in us when sharing their data.

If you have any questions regarding this section of the royalfashionnews.com Privacy Policy for Users, please contact us by emailing royalfashionnews@gmail.com