Royal chef shares Queen Elizabeth II's favourite food and it is so relatable (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II’s Favorite Foods: A Royal Chef Reveals

Queen Elizabeth II was not a foodie but there were a few things she absolutely loved to eat - in particular one sweet dessert. How...
Prince William and Harry did not reunite last night, it is understood (Image: Getty)

Harry & William’s Ongoing Feud: No Meeting in the UK

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully in her Platinum Jubilee year at the age of 96, but the anniversary of her death did not inspire...
Dr Greenshields said the Queen discussed her faith in the days before her death (Image: Getty)

Queen’s Serene Farewell: Moments of Peace and No Regrets

Dr Greenshields said the Queen talked a lot about her faith and her father George VI in the days before her death. Queen Elizabeth II was...
Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II’s Heartfelt Promise: A Legacy Honored

Today, September 6, marks the one-year anniversary since the late Queen undertook her last public duty, keeping the vow she made at the tender...
Queen Elizabeth was particularly fond of actor George Formby (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Passion: Dream Job Beyond Monarchy

Gyles Brandreth has long been a friend of the Royal Family and now has laid bare the late Queen Elizabeth's dream career. Gyles Brandreth reflects...
Memorial to be decided for Queen Elizabeth II (Image: Getty)

Honoring Queen Elizabeth II: A Remarkable Life Remembered

The public will be invited to suggest ideas for a memorial that will celebrate the remarkable life of Queen Elizabeth II. Work to create a...
Meghan told Oprah in her 2020 interview that she had a "lovely and easy" relationship with the Queen (Image: Getty Images)

Meghan Markle’s Premonition Meeting Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle told Oprah in her 2020 interview that she had a "lovely and easy" relationship with the Queen, who was "wonderful" to her. Meghan...
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Prince Harry’s Pivotal Speech: Bracing for a Tough Challenge

With Prince Harry set to appear at the WellChild Awards next week, one expert believes Harry is likely to mention his late grandmother in...
The late Queen was shocked over the choice of decoration (Image: GETTY)

Unconventional Sculpture Intrigues Queen Elizabeth at Prince William’s 21st [75]

Like many young people, Prince William wanted to celebrate his 21st birthday in style - but one decorative item at his party leaving his...
Royal chef shares easy sandwich Queen Elizabeth II would always eat - plus how to make it (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite sandwich: How to make the royal jam pennies

Queen Elizabeth II had a favourite food she discovered when she was a little girl - and it might surprise you. Queen Elizabeth II likely sampled...