Catherine Princess of Wales

Catherine Princess of Wales

Celebrities Attend Wimbledon 2019

Meghan Kate Style: Is Meghan Markle Copying Princess Kate’s Fashion?

The fashion world is abuzz with speculation: Is Meghan Markle drawing inspiration from Princess Kate's iconic style? A recent exclusive delves into the similarities between the two royals' fashion choices, sparking a debate on whether Meghan is emulating Kate's wardrobe. Dive into the details
Kate was in Sittingbourne yesterday

Princess Kate Opens Up: The Struggle with Her Pregnancy Condition

The Princess of Wales appeared to "strike a chord" with one of the fathers present during her visit to Sittingbourne on Wednesday, September 27. Kate...
Kate and Meghan

Expert Reveals: Princess Kate’s Hidden Feelings Towards Meghan Markle

While the Princess of Wales may keep up a "dignified silence" around "controversies", she is likely feeling "competitive" with the Duchess of Sussex, a...
Kate Middleton in her wedding dress

Kate Middleton’s Stunning Wedding Dresses Revealed

Kate Middleton on her wedding day, April 29 2011 (Image: Getty) On April 29 2011, the whole world watched with bated breath for Kate Middleton to...
The Prince And Princess Of Wales Visit Wales

Princess Kate’s Heartwarming Moment with Young Fan Goes Viral

In 2022, Kate made her way to Anglesey, Wales for a visit. She had no idea who was waiting for her, little Theo Crompton...
The Princess Of Wales Joins A Portage Session For Her

Princess Kate’s Subtle Move Against Meghan and Harry’s Narrative

Kate, the Princess of Wales will not address Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's attacks against the Royal Family directly but has shown she is...
Princess Kate suffers wardrobe malfunction as she stuns in emerald trouser suit (Image: Getty)

Princess Kate’s Stylish Mishap: The Emerald Trouser Suit Surprise

Princess Kate visited AW Hainsworth in Leeds, a family-owned heritage textile mill with which she has a sweet personal connection. Princess Kate looked fabulous in emerald...
Princess Kate has been accused of not wanting to travel abroad (Image: Getty)

Princess Kate: The Reluctant Explorer? Doubts on Singapore Trip

Princess Kate will reportedly not travel with Prince William to the Earthshot Prize awards in Singapore this November, having also missed out on his...
harry, meghan and kate

Kate’s Distress: Shuts Door on Mending Rift with Harry, Meghan

Kate Middleton has been "hurt and insulted" by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and closed her mind off to any reconciliation with the couple,...
Princess Kate is a 'super hero' as she interrupts 'most formidable' Royal Family member (Image: Getty)

Princess Kate, the Royal ‘Superhero’, Interrupts a Formidable Member

Princess Kate, Prince William and Princess Anne appeared on The Good, The Bad and The Rugby podcast, co-hosted by Mike Tindall. On September 6, 2023,...