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Luxury redefined: Inside Princess Eugenie’s extravagant £30k labour ward

Princess Eugenie's son Ernest welcomed to world inside five-star facility in Westminster
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The Royal Family welcomed their latest edition to the family last week, with Princess Eugenie giving birth to a baby boy, Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank.

Princess Eugenie’s son Ernest continued a tradition of being born inside one of London’s most luxurious hospitals, in a space where his mother and brother, August, were also welcomed to the world.

On Monday, Princess Eugenie confirmed she had given birth to Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank, who weighed 7lbs 1oz, sharing a picture of her new son alongside her two-year-old August.

Details soon emerged about Eugenie’s birth, including that Ernest and his mother were supported through the event at London’s plush Portland Hospital.

Portland Hospital, located in Westminster, has a long history of helping royals through their births, including Eugenie herself when her mother Sarah Ferguson was pregnant back in 1990.

In 2021, Eugenie maintained that tradition with her firstborn son August.

Princess Eugenie's son Ernest welcomed to world inside five-star facility in Westminster

Princess Eugenie’s son Ernest welcomed to world inside five-star facility in Westminster (Image: BBC)

Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry saw their son Prince Archie born there in 2019.

The hospital itself is highly sought after, and stays can cost anywhere between £7,145 and £500,000, while on average a mother can expect to pay roughly £30,000.

As part of their service, mothers-to-be are offered consultant-led and midwife-led care, and reports show it is the only private hospital with an on-site neonatal intensive care unit.

Also known as The Portland, mothers also get to indulge in hotel-quality meals that are prepared on-site, with round-the-clock fine dining offered to residents.

One of the rooms inside Portland Hospital, Westminster

One of the rooms inside Portland Hospital, Westminster (Image: BBC)

According to The Mirror, one cook who worked there previously said: “We can get foie gras, lobsters and oysters if people want them, we have fantastic champagne, Dom Pérignon if people want it.”

Other services offered up by staff include high-end photography for newborn photoshoots and a gift shop that offers trinkets of shoppers’ baby feet.

To ease mothers’ minds, staff will care for newborns while their parents are looked after, and on the first floor of the hospital, there is a nursery.

And in order to protect babies there, a computer system tracks where the newborns are at any given time while they are in the hospital.

Princess Eugenie's sons August and Ernest together

Princess Eugenie’s sons August and Ernest together (Image: AP)

The former chief executive of the hospital Janene Madden once revealed how she saw one guest spend half a million pounds in the facility, and that its residents included “princesses from the Middle East who deliver here quite regularly”.

She continued: “We have celebrities and individuals of very high net worth and they are used to getting what they want. And if they want 10 additional rooms or 20 additional rooms we will provide it.

“As long as that woman or husband can pay for what they are requesting we will do our best to provide that.

“What I can advocate here is it is like having a holiday, when you deliver at the Portland you get to use the nursery and your baby is only bought back for feeding time so you absolutely after two to three nights you leave here fit and well and ready to face the challenges of motherhood.”


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