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Heartwarming Surprise: Meghan Markle’s ‘Cute’ Reaction to Unexpected Proposal Captivates Fans in Resurfaced Clip

Meghan and Harry at the awards ceremony
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Royal fans have been praising Meghan Markle as a clip of her “genuine and loving” reaction while at the Endeavour Fund Awards with Prince Harry on March 5 2020 resurfaced online.

Meghan Markle’s tearful reaction to an Army vet proposing to his girlfriend during one of her final royal duties has gone viral three years later.

Royal fans have been praising the Duchess of Sussex’s “genuine and loving” reaction while at the Endeavour Fund Awards with Prince Harry in 2020, Daily Express US reports.

It comes as the pair have reportedly vowed to stop giving tell-all interviews as “they have nothing left to say”.

In the resurfaced clip, Meghan covered her mouth and turned to Harry to say “Oh my god” as the newly-engaged couple hugged one another on stage at the ceremony in London.

TikTok royal fan account, @a.jmxn, who posted the clip, highlighted her reaction and said it was the Sussexes’ “last royal engagement before they stepped back.”Meghan and Harry at the awards ceremony

Meghan and Harry at the awards ceremony (Image: Getty)

Viewer comments flooded in to praise Meghan for her reaction, with one saying said the royal had acted “so cute”.

A second said: “[Meghan] is so genuine and loving.” Another said: “Meghan is a romantic”. A fourth wrote: “Beautiful couple happy for another happy couple.

“Meghan and Harry would have been amazing for the Royal Family…[they] lost out.”

One TikTok user in the comment section claimed to have an update on the couple, saying: “This [is] my friend’s daughter. The couple are now married” to which the person who posted the clip replied, and said: “Aww that’s so sweet!”

Reports at the time stated Meghan smiled and placed her hands in the centre of her chest, while Harry applauded when Welsh Guards veteran Danny Holland, then 29, from Wrexham, north Wales, popped the question to 24-year-old Lauren Price while on stage.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Attend The Endeavour Fund Awards

Meghan and Harry attend The Endeavour Fund Awards (Image: Getty)

Danny is a veteran of the Welsh Guards who was left struggling with mental health issues after being involved in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan.

He became a driver as part of his recovery and won races both at a national and international level before being nominated for the Recognising Achievement award.

The Endeavour Fund offered the happy couple an “enormous congratulations” on social media and said it has been an amazing way to “kick off” the award ceremony.

Meghan and Harry also asked to speak to the newly engaged couple privately after the awards had finished.

Danny said at the time: “With winning the award as well, there was no better time to do it.

“Although she always said she didn’t want it with a lot of other people around.”

Lauren said: “They just congratulated us. They asked us how we felt and if I was expecting it. They said they were really happy for us.”

The Endeavour Fund was established in 2012 by Harry in order to help “wounded, injured, and sick” veterans achieve sporting excellence.

Its annual award show recognised their standout efforts and in 2020 Meghan and Harry were seen looking happy as they walked into the venue, braving the rain with Harry holding an umbrella over his wife.

Harry, who has been involved in military charity work for soldiers after leaving service in 2015, said the fund was “about discovering a new way of living – finding a new sense of purpose and you have most definitely found that”.


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