Princess Charlotte leaves fans in hysterics as she follows 3-second rule with marshmallow

Princess Charlotte didn’t want to waste any of her marshmallow treat after dropping it on the floor during an event for the Big Help Out on Sunday.

Princess Charlotte has been caught following the three-second rule after dropping her marshmallow treat on the floor. Charlotte attended an event for The Big Help Out on Monday with the Prince and Princess of Wales and her siblings. The family visited the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough, where they helped make improvements to the building.

Understandably not wanting to waste the treat, the eight-year-old picked it up off the grass and continued eating it.

Footage of the moment was shared on Twitter, with royal fans finding the incident hilarious.

One Twitter user said: “Princess Charlotte dropped her food, picked it up, and ate it again. So me!!”


The whole family were enjoying the s’more treats (Image: Twitter)


Fans found the moment hilarious (Image: Twitter)

Princess Charlotte and Prince George can’t hide delight at Miss Piggy’s Coronation cameo

Prince George and Princess Charlotte could scarcely contain their delight as Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog gatecrashed last night’s live Coronation concert. The royal siblings who attended without little brother Prince Louis, appeared to enjoy themselves at the lavish event – and never more so than when the Muppet couple put in an appearance alongside actor Hugh Bonneville.

Another remarked: “It’s refreshing to see that even royalty uses the ‘three-second rule’. Princess Charlotte drops her s’more but it must taste too good to leave it in the grass.”

A third approved: “I can vouch – s’mores are worth even five seconds! I love how totally normal this is!”

The Big Help Out was aimed at bringing communities together with millions of people reportedly participating across the UK.

This was the youngest Wales child Prince Louis’ very first royal engagement, made extra special given that it was held on the third day of his grandfather King Charles’s Coronation.


Charlotte was seen picking up the s’more of the floor (Image: Twitter)


The family were helping out at the event (Image: Twitter)

The crowd could then be heard chuckling away after dad Prince William joked, “You won’t hear a peep out of him now”.

During their visit to Slough, the Wales family helped out with tasks such as resetting a path, digging a new soakaway, sanding and revarnishing the front door, and creating a mural.

All three children could be seen mucking in and appeared to be having great fun. As well as toasting s’mores, they also tried their hand at archery and even got the chance to ride in a digger.