Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis share ‘beautiful’ moment in unseen Coronation video

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are seen beaming before setting off for King Charles’s Coronation in a never-before-seen family video released by William and Kate.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte have stunned Royal Family fans after sharing a “beautiful” moment in a never-before-seen video behind the scenes of King Charles III’s Coronation.

The royal siblings are both seen beaming moments before entering the carriage that whisked them away to Westminster Abbey in the new footage released by Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are also seen racing around the Palace and posing for photos in excitement for the biggest day in King Charles’s life.

Prince Louis looks the more sheepish of the two when he first realises he’s being filmed – but Charlotte seems none too fazed by them.

Reacting to the new footage, royal fans said they were in awe of the family and the wonderful moments shared in the behind-the-scenes video.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis beamed as they set off for King Charles III’s Coronation (Image: Prince and Princess of Wales)

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Prince William and Princess Kate’s social media strategy is amounting to a huge “power play” over King Charles, a royal commentator has argued. Writing for, Daniela Elser said that the heir to the throne had “utterly trounced” the King on this front and left him “utterly in the dust”.

One commenter said: “When Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis entered the room in their Coronation outfits what a beautiful photo, the excitement written over their faces said it all. Some wonderful moments, thank you.”

Another added: “It was a very delightful moment to see all the royal family members.”

A third commenter on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ YouTube channel wrote: “Thank you, Prince and Princess of Wales for this sleek peek behind the scenes. You are a gorgeous family! What a weekend, long live the King!”

A fourth royal fan said: “Absolutely loved the whole weekend and didn’t miss a second of it from the US. Loving the little inside sneak peek you’ve been putting out. Fantastic.”

Royal fans were also full of praise for the Prince and Princess of Wales. One American commenter said: “Princess Catherine, You and your family looked stunning Saturday at the Coronation. We are so proud of you ALL. God Bless You Always and God Save the King!”

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis stunned royal watchers with their incredible Coronation outfits (Image: Prince and Princess of Wales)

In the unseen video, Prince William and Kate are also seen getting their kids ready for the big day and ushering them out the door.

Kate walks around the Palace in her mesmerising Coronation Day Alexander McQueen embroidered ivory silk crepe dress, which has since left royal watchers divided.

Prince William follows closely behind Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in his regal uniform.

The never-before-seen family video has already racked up thousands of views, just two hours after being posted to YouTube.