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Prince William’s ‘fabulous’ bond with George a world apart from his fraught childhood

Royal expert Ingrid Seward shares how Prince William’s bond with George is worlds apart from his rocky childhood with King Charles.

Prince William shares a ‘fabulous’ bond with his son Prince George which is poles apart from the one he had with King Charles, a royal expert has claimed. Majesty magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ingrid Seward believes that Prince William is “determined that his children will not suffer as he and Harry did during their parents’ tumultuous relationship”

William’s relationship with King Charles has blossomed over the years as the world saw him standing behind the King over the last few months.

She wrote for The Sun: “He has a strong father-son bond with Prince George. They watch football and rugby together and the whole family dance around the kitchen at breakfast time. That would never have happened with his father.

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Prince William and Prince George (Image: Getty Images)

Prince William

William has a strong father-son bond with Prince George (Image: Getty Images)

During the Coronation, William kissed him on the cheek as King’s eyes welled up with tears. Even the following evening he paid a moving tribute to his “ancient” dad as part of the Coronation concert.

During the speech, he said that the late Queen would be a “proud mum” seeing her son being crowned King and thanked his “Pa” for his commitment.

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Both watch football and rugby together (Image: Getty Images)

Ms Ingrid explained about the time when William would avoid his father. She said: “Charles found William difficult to deal with as they both have a short fuse. Their infrequent telephone calls were often heated discussions as father and son clashed over their differing opinions.

William was not afraid to speak out and say he found some of his father’s ideas distinctly old fashioned and impractical.”

Prince William and King Charles

William’s relationship with King Charles has blossomed over the years (Image: Getty Images)

However, with the passing year, the relationship between King Charles and Prince William has improved. She added: “Their father-son bond might have come late. But now it is there, it will not be broken.”