Prince William sitting at a table

William’s involvement in Frogmore row raises question on ‘revenge’

A source recently claimed King Charles III did not decide to boot out Meghan and Harry of Frogmore Cottage alone but, rather, “is working in partnership” with Prince William.

Lorrain says Harry can ‘get hotel room’ after Frogmore ‘eviction’

The claim made by a source to the Daily Beast that Prince William worked “in partnership” with King Charles over the decision to evict the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from Frogmore Cottage raised questions about the Prince of Wales’s reasons to support this move. Royal commentator Daniela Elser believes the Prince of Wales’s reported involvement in this matter opens to questioning how much of this decision “was driven by a hard-nosed focus on ensuring the Royal Family operates as leanly as possibly” and how much “was just good old-fashioned revenge”.
Prince William sitting at a table
Prince William is the heir to the throne (Image: GETTY)

In an op-ed for, the Australian commentator noted William has been one of those hit the hardest by the criticism and allegations raised by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their biographical Netflix documentary and in Spare. As it was confirmed earlier this month, Meghan and Harry were asked by Buckingham Palace in January, just hours after the publication of the Duke’s memoir, to vacate their home in Windsor. While it was initially reported the residence had been offered to Prince Andrew, as part of an overhaul of the royal spending, on Monday it was claimed his younger daughter Princess Eugenie has already moved into the cottage.

Prince Harry’s ‘choice of guru’ may prove ‘unwise’ following drugs comments

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry’s “controversial” comments about his drug use during his interview with Dr Gabor Maté have not been “beneficial” for his image, according to a royal expert.

Prince Harry’s “choice of guru” for his sit down therapy session may have been “unwise”, according to one royal commentator. During a live streamed therapy session the Duke opened up on topics ranging from his drug use to mental health and even his self-proclaimed “broken home” at the heart of the Royal Family.

Harry sat down for new interview last week (Image: GETTY)