charles granddaughter garden

‘Showing respect!’ Charles has ‘playful relationships’ with all grandkids but two – claim

King Charles is said to be “playful” when in the company of his grandchildren, but the only photograph of him and Prince Archie Harrison show’s him “stepping back” as a possible “sign of respect” for Prince Harry, an expert exclusively shared.

charles granddaughter garden

Charles swinging Camilla’s granddaughter around (Image: BBC)

Camilla also has five grandchildren: Lola Parker Bowles, Eliza Lopes, Louis Lopes, Gus Lopes, and Freddy Parker Bowles.

That makes Charles and Camilla both grandparents to five and step-grandparents to five, with 10 grandchildren between them.

Over the years, King Charles has interacted with many of his grandchildren in public and spoke to body language expert Judi James who analysed a variety of images of him with his grandchildren.

Prince Charles highland games 2014

Charles interacting with Camilla’s grandchildren in 2014, Highland Games (Image: PA)

Judi said: “Some of the most powerful images of Charles in a grandfather-like mode come from moments he has spent with Camilla’s grandchildren.

“Camilla previously described Charles in glowing terms as getting down on his knees and ‘crawling around with them for hours making funny noises’ and reading Harry Potter to them while doing all the voices.

“We saw Charles with his arm held protectively around little Lola’s waist on the balcony at William and Kate’s wedding.

“There is also a carefree image of him happily swinging one of Camilla’s grandchildren around in the garden while the others run around nearby.

“At the Highland Games these very relaxed, playful relationships were made clear in the way Camilla’s grandchildren seemed happy to run up and hug or touch Charles with no apparent sense of his status.

“Charles is also seen to have a very warm relationship with little Louis, who has been seen hugging his grandad, who is looking totally delighted and smitten, or even pushing his hand into his grandfather’s face playfully, much to Charles’s amusement,” she added.

As for how Charles interacts with Prince Harry’s children, there are seldom public photographs of these occasions.

Back in November 2019, the Sussex’s shared a photograph of Charles standing alongside his youngest son, who had baby Archie in his arms.

prince charles prince louis jubilee

The world saw the bond between Charles and Louis at the Jubilee (Image: GETTY)

Judi looked at this photograph and commented: “Harry seems to have been wounded by the lack of hugs from his father during his own childhood and that could have made the sight of Charles as a very cuddly and playful grandad and step-grandad a controversial one.

“It is terribly sad then that the only photo we have of Charles with little Archie is a rather distanced and formal pose at his christening.

“Royal christening photos do tend to be overly formal and here we have Harry beaming with pride as he holds his new son, while Charles stands watching with his hands behind his back.

“There was a possible rift looming between the two men at that time and what sounds like resentment on Harry’s side,” Judi claims. “But it could also be that Charles did step back slightly to show some respect for his very hands-on son and grandson.”

His eldest grandchild, Prince George, who will one day take his place as monarch, and is said to share the King’s passion for the outdoors.

When George was a toddler, it is said he would share “garden picnics” with his grandfather on the grounds of Highgrove House.

And for his first birthday, Charles is said to have had a “garden hut” erected among the wildflower garden to mark the occasion.