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Sarah Ferguson announces major career move as she prepares to turn books into TV series

Sarah Ferguson became a successful novelist in her 60s, as she released in the summer of 2021 her first historical novel published by Mills & Boon.

Now, she revealed, there is “real interest” in seeing her work become a period drama.

Sarah Ferguson smiling

Sarah Ferguson has written some 90 books over the past decades (Image: GETTY)

“I am so excited about it, I would love to see someone like Jess Buckley play my heroine.”

Sarah debuted as a Mills & Boon author in August 2021, when the publisher released Her Heart for a Compass.

The novel followed the adventures of Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott, a Scottish aristocrat who really existed and is loosely related to Fergie.

Sarah learned about Lady Margaret’s existence while looking into her own ancestry, and found the fellow redhead was her great-great-aunt.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess Of York In Conversation With Samantha Barry:

Sarah Ferguson’s new novel is being released this month (Image: Getty)


Sarah Ferguson is an established author (Image: Getty)

While not much historical information is available about Lady Margaret, Fergie decided to fill in the gaps with her imagination and to make up adventures, and a friendship with Queen Victoria’s sixth child Princess Louise, for her ancestor.

Following the success of her debut novel, Fergie is releasing this month another book titled A Most Intriguing Lady, in which the heroine is a younger sister of Lady Margaret – Lady Mary Montagu Douglas Scott.

Even if her two latest books did become TV programmes, this would not be the first time Sarah worked on projects destined for the small screen.

In 2009, the Duchess was one of the producers of the Academy Award-nominated The Young Victoria.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess Of York In Conversation With Samantha Barry:

Sarah Ferguson’s latest novel is titled A Most Intriguing Lady (Image: Getty)

She said: “One thing I would like to do is front a documentary about the challenges facing the environment.

“I feel very strongly that my generation bears a heavy responsibility to address issues like climate change and plastic in the oceans so that our children and grandchildren inherit a sustainable planet.”

Fergie, who when is in the UK lives with her ex-husband Prince Andrew at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, has the backing of the Duke and adult daughters in her pursuits.

Sarah Ferguson with her two daughters Beatrice and Eugenie

Sarah Ferguson spoke about being a grandmother (Image: Getty)

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who is expecting her second child, are “hugely supportive”, the Duchess said.

The ex-royal wife has previously spoken about how close-knit her family has remained following her divorce from Andrew in 1986 and how proud she is of her daughters and grandchildren.

In her latest interview, Sarah reiterated how much she loves being a granny to August, Eugenie’s firstborn, and Sienna, Beatrice’s daughter.

She said: “I am loving being a grandmother – I model myself on Super Gran, it allows me to unleash my inner child, we’re lucky to see lots of them.”