Kate Middleton / Queen and Prince Philip

Princess Kate follows Queen and Philip’s golden rule on public engagements

The Duke of Edinburgh revealed a key way the late Queen dealt with life in front of the cameras, and the Princess of Wales follows the same practice every time she’s seen in public.

Kate, Princess of Wales, and her husband Prince William visited Windsor Foodshare on Thursday to hear about how the organisation supports local individuals and families. The Prince and Princess of Wales also helped volunteers to sort food donations and prepare packages for those helped by the charity. Windsor Foodshare, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary later this year, helps an average of 150 people per week with its services. While it marks the couple’s second joint outing this year, Kate has already undertaken solo engagements, focusing on her work with early years development. After almost 12 years in the Royal Family, Kate is a seasoned working royal and according to one expert, the Princess has modelled herself on a particularly successful member of the Firm — the late Queen Elizabeth II.

In his book, Mr Brandreth recalled a conversation he had with Prince Philip when Kate first stepped onto the royal scene. “When Catherine Middleton came along as a potential bride for his grandson, Prince William, the Duke of Edinburgh was, he told me, ‘relieved to find her such a level-headed girl’,” he wrote.

“‘If you believe the attention is for you personally,’ he warned, ‘you’re going to end up in trouble. The attention is for your role, what you do, what you’re supporting. It isn’t for you as an individual. You are not a celebrity. You are representing the Royal Family. That’s all. Don’t look at the camera. The Queen never looks at the camera. Never. Look at who you’re talking to. Look at what you’ve come to see.’”

Mr Brandreth continued: “I have been on walkabout with the Duchess of Cambridge. She does not look at the camera. Whenever she is interviewed, Catherine talks about the matter in hand, never about herself.”

Kate Middleton / Queen and Prince Philip

Kate follows the same rule as the late Queen Elizabeth II during walkabouts (Image: Getty Images)

The Prince And Princess Of Wales Visit Windsor Foodshare

Kate and William at Windsor Foodshare on Thursday (Image: Getty)

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It is not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall has been compared to the late Queen.

The Channel 5 royal documentary, Kate: Our Queen in Waiting, draws on the similarities between the two royals, particularly when it comes to public engagements.

Narrator David Riley said of the Duchess: “Kate’s stoical attitude towards the press mirrors that of the Queen herself. It’s felt by many to be the appropriate royal response”.

Historian Dr Chandrika Kaul added: “Kate epitomises the adage ‘never complain, never explain’ much like the Queen has in her successful and long reign.”

While royal journalist Victoria Murphy said there were “a lot of parallels between Kate’s personality and the Queen’s personality”.

She continued: “Neither of them are extroverted personalities. They don’t seek out the limelight. They both maintain a certain element of mystique in public life.”.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh And Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Leicester

Kate has been a member of the Royal Family since 2011, when she married William (Image: Getty)

Kate at the nursery in Luton last week (Image: Getty)

This month has seen the Princess of Wales focus on a matter she has consistently advocated for as a working royal.

On Wednesday, January 18, Kate joined children, carers and parents at Foxcubs Nursey in Luton. The Princess spent time with the three and four-year-olds, describing the children as “great”.

Her visit was in a bid to highlight the importance of the early years development of children, something Kate described as “vital”.

The future Queen Consort also joined a group of children playing in a sandpit and spoke to staff about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. She said: “I think families realised and communities realised, [when] these spaces were closed down for the majority of the time, I think everyone realised how vital they were.”

Later, on Wedneday, 25 January, Kate met a group of eight professionals from academia, science and the early years sector who she had chosen to offer strategic advice and provide oversight of the work of her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

The Princess Of Wales Meets With Early Years Advisory Group

Kate spoke with experts at Windsor Castle on Wednesday (Image: Getty)

They will help Kate’s Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood as it commissions new research and raises awareness of the extraordinary impact the first five years of life have on the future outcomes of individuals.

Kate has spent the past nine years looking into the experiences in early childhood and cultivating a passion and interest that largely dictates the work she undertakes as a working royal.

According to the official Royal Family website, the Princess “wanted to dig deeper into the current early years landscape to understand the issues that we face and learn how we can best tackle them. It was important to listen to the experts, academics, practitioners, service providers and charities within the sector who work every day to make our families and communities stronger”.