Prince George and Mia Tindall share a close bond through rugby

Prince George shares a very special bond with his cousin Mia Tindall through sport

Mike Tindall has shared that his eldest daughter Mia has a special talent which she shares with her cousin Prince George.

Prince George and Mia Tindall share a close bond through rugby

Prince George and Mia Tindall share a close bond through rugby (Image: GETTY)

The I’m A Celebrity contestant frequently offers small insights into his life in the Royal Family during appearances on his podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby.

Over the years he has shared that the royals are all in a WhatsApp group, admitted he wanted to mock Kate on her rugby skills and discussed Prince George and Mia Tindall’s shared interest in the sport.

Mike recently spoke about his eldest daughter Mia’s interest in rugby, a passion she shares with her second cousin Prince George.

He said: “It’s always hard to get Mia to go, she’s like ‘I don’t like it’ and then you get there, and she’s off. Mia scored a couple… it was an eight-all thriller in the first game and then a nine-all thriller in the second.

Prince George is a fan of rugby and his mum is the patron of Rugby Football Union

Prince George is a fan of rugby and his mum is the patron of Rugby Football Union (Image: GETTY)

“It’s funny how much she’s changed over the last, sort of, this year, since they’ve been back, figuring out how to avoid people because before they’d just all be really bunched in.

“Now they’re getting more, where they run across but then they’re all stepping back, and people are just falling around.”

But Mia isn’t the only young royal to love rugby as the Princess of Wales previously spoke about Prince George and Prince Louis’ enjoyment of the sport. It is likely something that bonds the young royals.

During her appearance at Twickenham, Kate said: “Now that there is a move towards co-ed sport, so it’s not just girls playing netball, but other sports like rugby, which is great.

“They’re all enjoying it, Louis is kamikaze, we’re worrying about when he gets older, he’ll be in the middle of everything.”

George also joked with a group of officials when he went with his parents to watch England play Wales at the stadium earlier this year.

Kate asked her son to tell the group about how he had started playing rugby at his school. “He has all the kit,” she said.

George spoke about how he has just started learning how to tackle, before turning to his mother: “But I haven’t tackled you yet!” Kate laughed and said: “Yes, you have!”

Mike Tindall's daughter Mia is also into rugby

Mike Tindall’s daughter Mia is also into rugby (Image: GETTY)

It’s not just the young royals such as Mia and George that are into rugby, because Kate is known to be a talented player as well.

Mike shared a brilliant story after the Princess of Wales made her debut at Twickenham Stadium as the new patron of the Rugby Football Union.

Kate looked to be having fun as she showed off her skills, catching the ball from a lineout to cheers from her teammates.

While the ex-England rugby player Mike said he hoped she wouldn’t be very good so that he could joke about it in the family WhatsApp group, he was forced to admit that she made the sport look “effortless”.

Kate Middleton has shown off her rugby skills

Kate Middleton has shown off her rugby skills (Image: GETTY)

Mike said on the podcast: “I text Ellis [Genge] (Leicester Tigers) and said ‘mate, please tell me anything she messed up on’ so I could sort of, family WhatsApp group, get into her. And he said ‘No she was actually pretty good, and she was really good at kicking’ and I was like…”

Mike then gave a huge sigh and quipped: “But she has this competitive nature where she has to be good at things.”

Co-presenter Alex Payne then agreed, saying: “She looked unbelievably natural.”

He then added: “Just imagine, anyone who’s ever tried it, getting thrown up in the line-out if you’ve never done it before is not easy because normally, you’ll kick the prop in either the nuts or the face as he’s lifting you and she just looked effortless.”