Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle accused of ‘wanting to bathe herself in woke glory’

The Duchess of Sussex has been branded a “B-list actress” who “doesn’t want to work”.

Meghan Markle was savaged by TV presenter Megyn Kelly after her and Prince Harry accepted the Ripple of Hope Award in New York City yesterday. Meghan has been accused of wanting to “bathe herself in woke glory” following the Sussexes’ acceptance of the award.

The organisation says the award honours individuals with “an unwavering commitment to social change [who have] worked to protect and advance equity, justice and human rights”.

Kerry Kennedy, daughter of RFK, previously said the Sussexes would receive the award for their stand against “structural racism”.

However, not everyone saw the couple as deserving of the prize. Presenter Megyn Kelly tore into the Duchess of Sussex on her program, The Megyn Kelly Show, while speaking to her guests.

Kelly said: “She doesn’t want to do the work, she just wants to bathe herself in this woke glory.

Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle has been slammed for wanting to ‘bathe herself in woke glory’. (Image: GETTY)

Meghan and Harry.

The Sussexes were given the award for their stand against ‘structural racism’. (Image: GETTY)

“What has she actually done to fight racism? She said she wasn’t even conscious of the fact that she was half Black until she got married to Harry.”

“Nor was I,” added a host of The Fifth Column podcast Michael Moynihan. “I’m sorry to say, I’m being honest. When I first saw it I was like ‘oh, I thought she was Italian’.”

He continued: “I didn’t know she was Black…she’s just kind of a B-list actress, sorry.”

The Fifth Column co-host Kmele Foster added: “It seems pretty apparent her race is most important to her. It’s indispensable to her, it’s very valuable. It is a marketable commodity.

Megyn Kelly.

TV presenter Megyn Kelly slammed the Duchess. (Image: GETTY)

 Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch, the hosts of The Fifth Column podcast.

Kelly was joined by Michael Moynihan, Matt Welch, and Kmele Foster, the hosts of The Fifth Column. (Image: The Megyn Kelly Show)

The couple accepted the award at a gala in New York City last night. During the event, Prince Harry joked with host Kerry Kennedy.

“I’ll be honest with you, Kerry – I just thought we were just going on a date night, so I found it quite weird that we’re sharing the room with 1,500 people,” the Prince said. “We don’t get out much these days because our kids are so small and young, so this is completely unexpected.”

To laughter from the audience, he added: “But it’s nice to share date night with all of you, so thank you for coming.”

Meghan and Harry and Kerry Kennedy.

Prince Harry joked with host Kerry Kennedy while the Sussexes were onstage. (Image: GETTY)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Meghan wore a white shoulderless dress to the gala. (Image: GETTY)

During the ceremony, Meghan and Harry announced a new collaboration between their foundation, Archewell, and the RFKHR named the Archewell Foundation Award for Gender Equity in Student Film.

The couple said in a statement: “Our hope with this award is to inspire a new generation of leadership in the arts, where diverse up-and-coming talent have a platform to have their voices heard and their stories told.

“The values of RFK Foundation and the Archewell Foundation are aligned in our shared belief of courage over fear, and love over hate. Together we know that a ripple of hope can turn into a wave of change.”