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Harry and Meghan are aiming to ‘cause irreparable damage’ to monarchy, claims Piers Morgan

The first part of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell docu-series is set to be released on Netflix in the UK at 8am today.

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan called the couple the “Duke and Duchess of Netflix” on Sky News Australia who slammed them for “exploiting” their royal titles and “trashing” the Royal Family to make money.

The California-based couple appeared at the Ripple of Hope Awards in New York City on Wednesday night to receive an award for tackling structural racism within the monarchy.

On his segment of Sky News Australia called ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’, the broadcaster criticised the couple’s talk of “healing” at the award ceremony.

Adopting his well-known sarcastic tone, Mr Morgan quipped: “Because that’s really what they’re all about isn’t it – healing.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan accused the pair of exploiting their titles (Image: Sky News Australia/Twitter)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan’s documentary is released on Thursday morning (Image: Getty)

Netflix viewers complain minutes into Harry & Meghan as prince ‘attacks’ Royal Family

Netflix viewers have hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive docu-series which landed on the streaming giant on Thursday.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to comment on the prince and Meghan’s claims, with Kathryn Graham adding: “Harry & Meghan – Where is all this poison coming from? Why is Harry so intent on attacking his own flesh and blood? Is it resentment, jealousy, a strong desire to be number one, not the spare? Or is it mainly the influence of Meghan?”

“It’s the one word you really associate with Meghan and Harry as they trash their family on an almost weekly basis.”

In what Piers calls their “dreaded Netflix series”, the streaming platform said the six-part series is set to be “unprecedented” in what it tells the audience.

Netflix has said that the programme will “share the other side of [Meghan and Harry’s] high-profile love story”.

Viewers are set to see the “clandestine days of their early courtship” and the “challenges that left them feeling forced to step back from their full-time roles in the institution”.

King Charles, Camilla, Kate, and William

The royals are left waiting to see what the ‘latest onslaught’ is (Image: Getty)

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Harry and Meghan

The docu-series is set to be explosive (Image: Getty)

Ahead of the release on Thursday morning, Mr Morgan asked: “Are they now putting money before their family? Are they trashing the institution which gave them the titles which they now ruthlessly exploit for gazillions of dollars?

“Where does it end? When does it stop? These are the same things they said to Oprah Winfrey last year.”

Criticism has been launched at the pair for repeating the drama they brought with the Winfrey interview which launched accusations at the monarchy without giving details and naming names.

Piers criticised the pair for using the Winfrey interview and the Netflix series to reveal “their truth” in a narrative that goes unchecked, knowing that the royals would not respond.

Reaction after Harry & meghan oprah interview

The Oprah interview caused huge backlash and the same drama will be relaunched (Image: Getty)

When the pair have been checked on their comments by journalists, they have refused to comment.

Mr Morgan said: “They continue to attack the Royal Family, the new King not even coronated yet, the Queen only died three months ago, the new Prince of Wales…all of them waiting to see what the latest onslaught is. Who wins here?”

The presenter noted that as a monarchist, he is concerned that King Charles is in a “vulnerable” position given his takeover of the leading role and will never be “as popular as his mother because who could be?”

He added: “I’m really genuinely worried now that these two are. Never going to stop until they’ve caused irreparable damage.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been contacted for comment.