Princess Charlotte

‘Pleasure to meet you’: Princess Charlotte praised for her politeness at Queen’s funeral

Princess Charlotte has been praised for her behaviour at her great-grandmother the Queen’s funeral this morning, which she attended alongside her brother Prince George.

The young royal greeted a member of clergy after exiting the car.

Lip reading expert Jeremy Freeman told OK Magazine the seven year old said: “Pleasured to meet you.”

Her older brother George politely said “Good morning” after his mother also introduced him.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte was praised for her behaviour (Image: Getty)

The two eldest children of the Prince and Princess of Wales were praised by royal fans for “doing so well” during the service.

“Prince George and Princess Charlotte are doing so well,” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another said: “Prince George and Princess Charlotte are a credit to their parents, such well behaved children.”

The pair were seen reading the printed order of service once they had arrived at Westminster with Kate.

Charlotte and George bid farewell to their beloved “Gan Gan” as the youngest members of the Royal Family to follow the Queen’s coffin through Westminster Abbey.

Princess Charlotte

Charlotte arrived with her mother and brother (Image: Getty)

Katherine Groves said: “Prince George and Princess Charlotte are incredible. I started crying the moment the choir started singing. Hugely impressed by the royals today.”

Amanda posted: “The photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte are just hitting my mama heart tenfold. Losing their great grandmother and having to grieve in front of the world is heartbreaking.”

Princess Charlotte

Charlotte curtsied as she arrived to Westminster Abbey (Image: Getty)

The royal siblings, great grandchildren of the Queen, were among 2,000 guests at her state funeral, joining their parents, world leaders and national figures from UK.

George and Charlotte walked behind the Queen’s coffin as part of the procession, passing hundreds of guests through the gothic church.

As the young royals followed their great grandmother’s coffin, flanked by their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charlotte held her hands clasped in front of her while George had his arms by his side.

The foursome walked a little behind the King, Charles, and Camilla, Queen Consort, and ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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