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Royals ‘not budging’ on Meghan Markle report in hope debate ‘will wither away’ soon

THE ROYAL Family are “not budging” on the decision to keep the Meghan Markle bullying report as they hope the debate will “will wither away” soon.

“There is no way [that] the findings of this report will ever become public.”

“Even those that took part in it, haven’t been told what the findings are”, the royal editor claimed.

She said: “I suspect that the palace really are willing to take a flurry of bad headlines and television reports on the chin over the next few days, in the hope that after that the whole issue will, kind of, quietly wither away.”

Ms English continued: “I’m not saying this is deliberate on the part of the palace in any way.

“But I think certainly my understanding is that those that contributed to this review, they’re either very traumatised by what they went through, and in some cases, they’re very fearful for their future careers if they speak out any further.

“I suspect that that’s something the palace will benefit out of, in the fact that those involved just won’t want to take this further anymore”.

During a Wednesday briefing on annual royal finances, a palace official told reporters that the details of an investigation into bullying would remain confidential.

This is in order to protect the privacy of those who gave testimony about their experiences.

The Sunday Times previously stated that even though the Queen paid for an independent inquiry by a private law firm, the report will never be released.

In 2020, Meghan and Harry made the decision to step back as senior royals.

The Sussexes now reside in the US (Image: PA)

The couple stated that they planned to “work to become financially independent” but would continue to “fully support” Her Majesty The Queen.

The couple now reside in the US with their two children, Archie and Lilibet.


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