Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II wears brooch owned by Victoria dating back 1800s during virtual chat

QUEEN ELIZABETH II has worn a piece of jewellery which has ties to predecessor Queen Victoria.

The relic was a previously owned by Queen Victoria and dates back to the late 1800s.

During the call, the Queen seemed in good spirits and even cracked a joke as she spoke to Jubilanté Cutting, head of Guyana Animation Network (GAN).

The charity helps people in the Caribbean gain experience in digital media and animation.

Explaining her organisation’s work, Ms Cutting said: “The future of digital technology and creativity is already here, it’s no longer future, it’s here.

“And we recognise that in some part of the Commonwealth, particularly in the Caribbean, young people still do not have access to quality education, resources and role models.

“Thank you to you Ma’am for your continued encouragement to young people, and your support to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which has enabled GAN to continue its activities during the pandemic.

“As you can see, this is some of their creative work behind me.

“They decided to showcase their artwork to you today and I am happy to represent that.”

Upon closer inspection of the background, the Monarch said: “Oh right! That’s very good, isn’t it?”

She then added with a giggle: “Good background for you.”


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