Kate Middleton: The Duchess travels with her own hair stylist (Image: Getty Images)

Kate Middleton travel: Bargain essential Duchess’ hairdresser packs for foreign trips

KATE MIDDLETON is known to travel with quite the entourage, including her hairdresser. However, to ensure the Duchess doesn’t have a hair out of place, her hairstylist has a specific packing list.

In order to assure she looks her very best at all time, the Duchess takes with her some very important members of her entourage.

This includes her hairdresser, Amanda Cook Tucker, who holds a very special place with the Royal Family.

Not only does she look after the future Queen, she previously cut Prince William and Prince Harry’s hair when they were little boys.

While Ms Cook Tucker’s skills as a stylist are the key to ensuring the Duchess doesn’t have a hair out of place, it turns out she also has her own specific tools that lend a helping hand.

Among her toolkit were 13 different hairbrushes.

Though Ms Cook Tucker is reportedly paid as much as £300 per day to travel, it seems one of her go-to styling products is quite the bargain.

According to insiders, the hairdresser always makes sure she has a can of Elnett’s Supreme Hold Hairspray.

The stylist is also reported to use coconut oil to help smooth away unwanted frizz.

This is particularly useful when jetting off to humid countries.

Ms Cook Tucker has been known to jet off with Prince William and his wife on tours spanning India and South East Asia.

According to Grazia, during the 2021 South East Asia trip Ms Cook Tucker’s £300 per day bill was paid for by Prince Charles.

However, it isn’t just foreign jaunts that the high-end hairdresser is involved with.

In fact, Ms Cook Tucker has been involved in some major milestones in Kate’s life.

She was one of the first people to visit the Duchess after giving birth to her first child Prince George.

It isn’t just hairstyling that Ms Cook Tucker is on hand for.

She has previously been photographed alongside Kate’s stylist Natasha Archer helping to carry some of the royal hand luggage to and from aircraft.

The duo typically travel as part of an entourage of roughly 12 people.


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