The Queen was by Prince Philip’s side when he died earlier this year, according to reports (Image: getty)

Queen was ‘by Prince Philip’s side’ when Duke died peacefully ‘in his own bed’

THE QUEEN was by Prince Philip’s side when he died earlier this year at Windsor Castle, according to reports.

The Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 in April at home at the royal residence in Windsor. Prince Philip was the longest serving British royal consort. According to sources, the Duke wanted to pass away at home “in his own bed”.

The Telegraph reported that the Queen was by her husband’s side in his final moments. At the time, the Duke had recently returned home after spending 28 days in hospital in February and March.

A source told the publication: “He spent most of the four weeks he was in hospital trying to get home.

“They operated on his heart in a bid to give him a little longer, maybe with the 100th birthday in mind.

“But he didn’t really care about that. He just wanted to be back in his own bed. There is no way he would have wanted to die in hospital.”

Prince Philip’s funeral was held on April 17 at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, only 30 guests were allowed to attend the Duke’s scaled back funeral.

According to a royal expert, the Queen and Prince Philip had a “unique partnership”.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward explained how they shared a unique relationship because of their roles as monarch and consort.

She previously told Us Weekly: “They were two unique people and only they knew what it was like to be them.

“They were in unique circumstances, they shared things.

“So, for instance, when they were younger, they were constantly, constantly traveling around the Commonwealth and around the world.

“And then Phillip used to go off on his own, but when they were together, they could share everything.

“I think it actually would have been an almost impossible job for someone to do on their own. So it was a partnership — a very unique partnership.”


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