Meghan Markle and Queen

Will Meghan be able to wear some of the jewels of Queen after stepping down?

Harry and Meghan will formally leave on March 31 as senior members of the royal family. The pair will have to adapt to the new standard when that date comes. There will be a lot they could do while they were working royals that they won’t be able to do any longer.

There were a lot of concerns about Harry’s wife. She is still a family member but is not going to serve the crown forwards. Read on to find out whether Meghan will be prohibited to wear any of the queen’s jewels again. What other privileges the couple will forfeit in the future.

Was Meghan still permitted to wear the jewelry of Queen Elizabeth?

There have been many sources saying that the duchess has also been prohibited from wearing the jewels of her grandmother-in-law. This is not valid, however.

You can remember that in the past she had worn jewels belonging to the queen including on her wedding day when she was wearing the bandeau diamond tiara made for Queen Mary in 1932.

“It’s worth remembering that the queen gave Meghan a tiara for the wedding and gave her earrings for her first royal engagement,” said a royal source saying that Prince Harry was upset with the news that Meghan was not allowed to wear any crown jewels.

Would she be barred after stepping down from wearing crown jewels?

The former actress is leaving behind royal life. Many have questioned if she would ever be able to get her hands on any of those precious jewels.

On her wedding day, Meghan wore the gold Queen Mary diamond bandeau tiara. She wore several pieces of jewelry from Princess Diana. Meghan’s engagement ring has two diamonds that once belonged to the late queen, now part of her engagement ring. If the time is right, with the approval of the queen, Meghan may choose to wear something from the royal collection again.

Yet it does not happen to get the permission, because Queen Elizabeth rarely loans her jewels to royals who are not senior.

The duchess will forfeit more rights after Megxit

There are a number of other perks that the Duchess of Sussex would forfeit following Megxit.

Harry would have to start covering a variety of its own expenses. The costs of their armed guards and staff members including nannies and housekeepers. However, any future children they will not be called “royal infants.” After his birth, there will be no celebration. As with Archie and the gift shop at Buckingham Palace does not hold any memorabilia.

The paparazzi will finally have free rein to take pictures of them and use those videos. British media have a contract with the palace, according to Vanity Fair, which does not use pap photos of royal family members. This is not the case, though, for the North American news outlets where the Sussex will spend most of their time until they step down.