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Top 7 times royal men looked consistently dapper

Coordinated in color with his wife, Prince Harry looked dapper in his red Royal Marines Captain-General uniform. Megan looked beautiful in Safiya’s flowing red gown and Aquazzura matching heels. This was probably Harry’s last occurrence as Royal Marines Captain-General, and likely his military-dressed swansong.

Prince Harry, Royal Wedding 2018

Wow …… wow. The moment Harry left Windsor on May 19, 2018, it showed the whole world how blessed Meghan Markle was. Not only was she about to join one of the world’s most successful families, but she also married the love of her life, who in his military uniform just so happened to look very dapper.

The Queen, who is colonel-in-chief of the Blues and Royals, has given him permission to wear this uniform, so thank you for that, Your Majesty. Plus, his brother William did not want his best man to let the sartorial side down. Or should we say a man in his best dress?

Prince Harry, Suffolk 2010

This isn’t just about gold cuffs and sashes, though. Prince William proves that, from when he served with the Royal Navy in 2008, the basic shirt uniform will work wonders. He had just finished his training with the Royal Air Force and spent two months at Britannia Royal Naval College, and of course, you can never be too multi-talented.

Prince Harry, Australia 2013

In October 2013, Prince Harry attended the 2013 International Fleet Review to mark the 100th anniversary of the entry of the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet into Sydney. Not only does he look pretty dashing, but we’re just dying to learn what washing powder brand he’s using because those whites are sparkling. Must be royal stuff.

Prince William, Sandhurst 2006

In 2006, Prince William was commissioned as an officer of the British Army and attended the Parade of the Sovereign with the fellow officer cadets of his military uniform. Even at the ceremony Kate Middleton was as his spouse at the time, and she must have been very proud of her Prince; he had worked hard at the Sandhurst Military Academy and looked quite good in his smart suit.

Prince Harry, Founder’s Day Parade, 2019

Throwing it back to when Prince Harry pulled out all the stops for the 2019 Founder’s Day Parade. Recently he rocked his beard, which looked beautifully groomed alongside his frock coat Blues and Royals. Okay, Meghan was on maternity leave and we had to enjoy some other royal looks. Because we missed the Duchess’s tuxedo suits and plain silhouettes and Harry sure nailed it.

Prince William, Royal Wedding 2011

Prince William, The 2011 Predictable Royal Wedding, us?! Ok, it might be a little bit. But seeing the third in line with the British throne married his university sweetheart Kate Middleton once again made us believe in fairytales, and that Prince William’s first look had us put down our prosecco for a second and appreciate how well he pulled off his Irish Guards uniform.