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Times Princess Anne was overall leader, in pictures

princess anne
princess anne

An equestrian champion, Navy admiral, mother, a survivor of an attempted abduction, and a royal. Anne can do it all. She deserves her own moment in the spotlight, though sometimes overshadowed. Kate, Prince Harry, and Meghan. Princess is really strong, powerful, looks very fine in sunglasses.

No one in a plumed cap should look this good, and YET …

May 21, 2018

These are the favorite sunglasses of Anne in their entirety and we are more than comfortable with that.

7 December 2017

While attending the Royal Navy aircraft carrier commissioning ceremony, HMS Queen Elizabeth, Princess Royal appeared particularly regal in a decorated dress.

28 March 2015

Anne is not afraid of inclement weather. She’s just dressing properly. For the Gatcombe Park Horse Trials. The princess pulled into her galoshes.

12 June 2010

Anne looked pretty dapper in formal military dress on a horse. Anne holds a variety of honorary military appointments. As do other members of the royal family.

3 January 1989

Not even a snowsuit from peak ’80s will make Anne look uncool. She skied in the French Alps, with a little Zara Phillips.

1 Jun 1973

The monochrome outfit is it all. Princess Royal suited up for a birthday parade for her mother.

September 6 1973

In that casual, preppy outfit Anne looked like a model. She overcame it with an unlikely chic silk scarf.

July 6 1970

Anne visited northern Canada with the Royal Family, somehow managing to look both stylish and dry.

May 261969

Anne wore a trendy hat while riding her adoring fans in convertible past scores.

January 1968

With an all-yellow outfit, Anne looked beautiful. None would be able to pull this dress off, but Anne definitely did.

May 26 1969

The young princess looked calm and relaxed as she observed her father, Prince Philip, playing polo.

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