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Meghan Markle, What a final appearance !! Saying Goodbye with a phenomenal royal fashion


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This is the final appearance of Meghan publicly Before she will leave for Canada with prince harry. And what an appearance !!

the Jewel In The Crown  Meghan Markle is breathtaking in caped   Emerald green dress by Amelia wick  student matching it hurts if she arrives at Westminster Abbey

 the duchess of Sussex looked resplendent in Emerald green ensemble as She arrived for   the Commonwealth  day Celebration

 Westminster Abbey this afternoon Megan Markel chose an exquisite cape dress by designer Amelia Wickstead with a matching hat by William chambers.

As she joined her husband Prince Harry 35 and the Senior Royals including the Couples of Cambridge for this engagement.

She spent about a weekend with Prince Harry for matching the dress to his ties. They decided to not walk the procession alongside the British Queen.

The remembered the church they were married in

 This reminds Harry and Meghan with the last time they went outing as formal members of the royal family at the end of the month when they give up their royal titles.

As part of their exit departure deal and Meghan shined in the occasion with her show shopping ensemble.

That was widely praised on social media by loyal supporters and fashion fans alike within minutes of her arrival.

The long-sleeved dress is thought to be a  creation by Wicksteed which is a  favourite of both Megan and Catherine

 38 the fitted long sleeve dress falls a few inches below the knee and features cleverly placed darts on the torso and waistline served to flatter the duchess’s svelte rein a dramatically draped asymmetric cape without falls over the right shoulder adds a fashion-forward twist to the otherwise classic cut.

Announcement of starting their life as royals and as Meghan has the American’s concept of what British people wear dresses

The couple was sitting behind William and Kate and they talk nothing until the start of the occasion

AS the fun aunts. Sophie (the wife of the queen’s son Prince Edward ) sat in the first row to the family drama she is always removed from.

Sophie and her prince were sitting beside Harry and Meghan and she was wearing a  sheath in the wonderful white and on her skirt there is a black awesome printed swoosh.

The engagement party started once the queen arrived and as her usual dress in a periwinkle coat dress and the wide hat she had sat beside her family members.

princess Meghan likes to wear her favourite designer dresses but make sure to be ready for repeating the performance of the high necked.

She hopes to get back home as she is missing wearing her favourite pants.

All will miss her too and her fashion

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