prince harry duke of sussex and meghan duchess of sussex

Meghan Markle shows how to look perfectly at any event

Meagan was at the Endeavor Fund Awards ceremony in London. She came out in a luxurious blue dress. Also, she took a clutch bag in her hand and beautiful evening make-up.

Such royal beauty could not be ignored. Bold, bold, luxurious. Meghan Markle style sample and fashion icon. She demonstrated with her whole appearance. A charge of powerful energy, style, and beauty. She’d wear Manolo Blahnik’s dark navy blue boots. And a golden-marble accented blue and green purse.  

Megan takes the first place in the ability to harmoniously choose the colors of her wardrobe.

It was pouring rain. But Megan left her coat, so she could show her beautiful and stylish paparazzi outfit. Prince Harry kindly covered her from the rain with an umbrella. Her husband was in a dark blue suit. This was her first official appearance after they resigned as a duke and duchess.

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