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CNN host Chris Cuomo reveals he’s tested positive for COVID-19

CNN host Chris Cuomo reveals he's tested positive for COVID-19 CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has tested positive for COVID-19, he revealed in a statement posted to social media on...
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The wardrobe fit for a princess

At her wedding, day Diana wore a gown. David Emanuel designed in July 1981 Bellville Sassoon dress Diana Princess of Wales wore a...
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Times Princess Anne was overall leader, in pictures

An equestrian champion, Navy admiral, mother, a survivor of an attempted abduction, and a royal. Anne can do it all. She deserves her...
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Coronavirus is not an obstacle to stop taking care of yourself

Queen at every royal engagement appears to show a new color. The monarch's wardrobe obviously contains items of every color of the rainbow, a...
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How dare Kate & Meghan get away with their shoes?

How does the height department assess your favorite royal? It's not just feet and inches we're talking about but heel height too. See...
Meghan Markle and Queen

Will Meghan be able to wear some of the jewels of Queen after stepping...

Harry and Meghan will formally leave on March 31 as senior members of the royal family. The pair will have to adapt to...
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How Meghan Markle support women during coronavirus crisis

Businesses and organizations around the world affected. But one company found an innovative way to provide its customers with a vital service. Smart Works...
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How the rose power suit has become a staple of royal wardrobe:

The Duchess of Cambridge has traded tips on style with fellow European royals. After stepping out in their new go-to look-a pink panty suit. Kate...
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No longer a ‘ royal ‘?

A charity with Meghan Markle's patronage A charity with Meghan Markle's patronage appears to have secretly eliminated references to the words ' HRH...
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14 Times recreated the style of Princess Diana.

1. 1989 vs 2019 The famous red and violet dress on Duchess Meghan in 2019 was just as stunning and new as...