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Why Princess Charlotte wears dresses all the time

Charlotte’s aunt Meghan Markle usually wears suit buzz, and her mother Kate Middleton always wears pants. Can the royal infant, who is fourth in line for the throne, take a break from clothes too?

Princess Charlotte has no official royal ban on pants, just like Meghan Markle doesn’t have one. “There are no rules on no pants. If the Duchess is in public dress and Charlotte is with her, Charlotte will most likely be in dress at this age–also in formal portraits, or on the balcony for the Color Troop,” Koenig adds.

Koenig expects the kids to wear more casual clothes when they are at home. Play in the nursery or in the backyard. Indeed, while playing with George and their nanny back in 2016, Princess Charlotte had been wearing shorts, which was not an official public appearance.

But what about preferential Queen? Is Her Majesty getting to dictate the wardrobes of her great-grandchildren? Koenig says the queen doesn’t have a say in what Charlotte wears but the tots always go for “the best in public on Sunday.”