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Kate Middleton Looked at the BAFTAs like a Queen In Gold and White

Kate and William attended one of their most prestigious annual events this evening so The BAFTA Film Awards.

The duchess joined other red carpet guests in championing sustainable fashion. All answered a proposal made in advance by the awards show – by rewearing a beautiful gown by Alexander McQueen.

She previously wore it on a royal tour of Singapore, Malaysia and the Solomon Islands in 2012. She combined the gold and white look with sparkly boots, which could be Jimmy Choo Romy pumps and Van Cleef and Arpels jewellery blog What Kate Wore believes.

Even Prince William adhered to the evening dress code, rewearing a traditional tux.

The gradient-glitter Jimmy Choo Romy pumps are still available at Neiman Marcus:

Her jewelry Van Cleef and Arpels looks like it’s from the Amazing Alhambra Box, per blog What Kate Wore.

The London College of Fashion’s Center created sustainable fashion guide for Sustainability to help participants engage in their mission. This discusses many choices for selecting an environmentally friendly garment, including purchasing second hand vintage clothes to renting pieces to buying from sustainable bonafides labels.

Of course, Kate has been shopping in her closet for years, even replacing her 2017 BAFTA. Gown two years later at the National Portrait Gallery Gala — though with some subtle adjustments.