Before they were royals, pictures of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton show how dramatically their lives have changed

Before they married into the royal family, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were both regular people. Their lives look very different, after becoming duchesses. We observe (most of the time) royal protocol, have access to immense wealth and privilege and live under constant scrutiny in the public eye.

Kate’s assistants, Sophie Agnew, the private secretary, and Natasha Archer, her stylist, carry luggage for her.

Middleton liked to wear cowboy hats.

In 2005, she selected a brown cowboy hat with braid detail to wear for the British Eventing Gatcombe Park Festival.

She’s undergone the evolution of a hat style.

Before joining the royal family, she would wear button-down shirts and blazers.

The Annual National Hunt Festival held at Cheltenham Racecourse in 2007, Middleton wore a blue striped button-down with an olive green suit.

Now she’s also wearing a somewhat more regal version of the same look.

She wore a blue checkered shirt with a crisp navy blazer at a wine degustation during a visit to New Zealand in 2014.

When she went out and about, she was a fan of wearing bold animal prints.

She could wear funkier clothes back in 2008 when she could attend events like a circus show at the O2 Arena.

Now she wears more transformed versions of closes

To visit Resort Studios in Cliftonville in 2015, she was wearing a less shiny animal print shirt.

Meghan Markle held a number of odd jobs before making her big break on the “Suits” TV show.

She was a model briefcase on “Deal or No Deal,” a freelance calligrapher, a hostess of a restaurant and more.

She used to go knick-knack shopping.

In 2010, Markle visited the Chateau Marmont’s Some Kind-a Gorgeous Fashion and Beauty Lounge.

Markle used to cross her legs just like anybody else.

In 2013, Markle attended Fashion Week and was sitting next to Petra Nemcova.

As the Duchess of Sussex, she was expected to sit with a “duchess slant.”

The phrase “duchess slant,” invented by Beaumont Etiquette, refers to the way in which Kate Middleton sits, holding her ankles and knees together while slanting her legs to either side.

Markle used to wear to match her dress whatever shade of nail polish happened.

She chose gray nail polish to match her clothing at an InStyle party in Toronto.

The Queen allegedly allows only neutral colors on the nail.

Royals are expected to follow an unspoken rule that wears only neutral colors of the hair.